Why join AAUW?

Do you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, or join a community dedicated to supporting and advancing equity for women and girls? Then AAUW is the place for you. Membership is open to anyone holding an associate, bachelor, or higher degree from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university.

The membership year extends from July 1st through June 30th and new members may join at any time.  Join after March 15th and your membership will last all the way until June 30th of the following year!

Not sure yet?  Come to a branch meeting, share a meal, and get to know us!  Contact our Membership Vice President Debbie Priest (add link to email) for more information and to reserve a spot at our next branch meeting.

2020-2021 membership form   click here to download

NOTE: AAUW Fiscal & Membership year is July 1 to June 30.

Member Fees and Renewal Information 

It is easiest to join or renew on-line by following the process at the bottom of this page.  If you are a new member, use this 2020-2021 membership form if you are joining in person or mailing in your application.

  • Regular Memberships  $85 annually  ($59 national, $10 state, $16 local)  Already a National AAUW Member?  Affiliate with our branch by paying just the state and local dues.  This year, due to financial considerations for members and the cancellation of the state convention, state is not charging dues, so this total will be $59 + $16 = $75.
  • New Member Discount – New members who join AAUW during a branch meeting are eligible for the National “Shape the Future” Program, which gives a discount on the first year of membership.  Under this program dues are only $55.50 for the year ($29.50 national, $10 state, $16 local).  Again, this year, due to financial considerations for members and the cancellation of the state convention, state is not charging dues, so this total will be $29.50 + $16.00 = $45.50 for June 30, 2020, to July 1, 2021.
  • Life Membership – $1180 one time fee to AAUW ($59 x 20 years = $1180), plus $26 annually for state and local dues.
  • Honorary Members A member of AAUW for 50 years or more is granted Honorary status and retains national, state and branch membership without paying any dues.

Renewing Members

Our renewal process begins in April. Renew as an ongoing member by using the National Website’s online method – it’s fast and easy! Renewing members should receive an email from with a unique link to help you renew your membership.  (email subject line:  AAUW Membership Renewal Notice).  Click on the link, and it will send you to your renewal…no login required!

You can also log into your account at

National AAUW  Membership:

Not comfortable with on-line renewal?

You can pay at a live Speaker Meeting or mail your check (payable to AAUW Maui Branch) to:

Maui Branch AAUW
PO Box 1352
Puunene HI 96784

New members can click here to download and print the 2020-2021 membership form to fill out and send in with your check.

For more information please contact our Membership Vice President, Debbie Priest, at or by cell phone/text at (808) 866-7669 or our Finance Officer, Pat Gotschalk, at the address above or by email at or by cell phone/text at (808) 707-2001.